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Limited Edition Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci Fountain Pen

November 13, 2021 Leave a comment
Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci Nib with the monogram A.V.
Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci Nib
Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci fountain pen in silver.
Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci Fountain Pen
Montegrappa Amergo Vespucci
Montegrappa Amergo Vespucci
Silver limited edition Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci fountain pen in the gift box.
Silver Limited Edition Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci

In the late fifties, a US Navy aircraft carrier encountered a beautiful looking sailing ship with a hull painted in alternating horizontal black and white stripes, three tall masts with massive sails. When it came alongside, the Americans asked “What ship are you?” “Ship Vespucci of the Italian Navy” came the reply. “You are the most beautiful ship in the world” responded those on the US Navy aircraft carrier. In 2001 Montegrappa produced a limited edition fountain pen paying tribute to the Vespucci, having a cap crafted of black and ivory coloured celluloid with a sterling silver overlayed barrel featuring an engraving of the ship in full sail, engraved floral decoration, and a silver figural pocket clip.

From the “Le Signore del Mare” (The Ladies of the Sea) pen collection from Montegrappa.

Visit the pen shop website for more detail, availability and pricing of this rare limited edition from Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci .

Pelikan Souveran M605 Green White Fountain Pen

September 5, 2021 Leave a comment
M605 Pelikan Souveran Green White special edition fountain pen.
M605 Pelikan Souveran Green White Special Edition Fountain Pen
Pelikan Souveran 605 Green White from Pelikan.
Pelikan Souveran 605 Green White

This Special Edition Pelikan Souveran M605 Green White fountain pen arrived at Penbox and other prestige pen shops in July 2021. The fountain pen has a green and white laminated cellulose acetate barrel, white cap, and palladium plated trim with a 14k gold rhodium finished nib. The choice of nib grades are extra fine, fine, medium and broad to meet all writing preferences. Filling is with a piston mechanism and a bottled writing ink of your choice. A matching ballpoint is also available to accompany the fountain pen. These special edition Souverän® Green White pens come in an elegant gift box with green ribbon detail.

Visit the Penbox pen shop for pricing and availability of the Pelikan Souveran M605 Green White fountain pen.

Pelikan Pen Collectors Cabinet Pen Box

July 19, 2021 Leave a comment
Pelikan pen collector cabinet.
Pelikan Pen Collector Cabinet
Pelikan pen cabinet pen box.
Pelikan Pen Cabinet Pen Box
Pelikan collectors cabinet for pens.
Pelikan Collectors Cabinet for Pens

This pen box cabinet from Pelikan is suitable for the safe storage of up to 24 pens. The three draws have eight slots each and can accommodate both standard and most larger and even oversized writing instruments. The draws are lined with cream coloured faux leather and will protect your treasured pens from being marked whilst in storage. The glass top of the cabinet allows for the viewing of the top tray of pens. This pen box cabinet is constructed from MDF that has then been veneered in walnut to achieve a very pleasant finish in combination with the brushed finish to the metal handles on each of the draws. Coming from Pelikan and obviously intended to provide safe keeping of their pens the cabinet features the Pelikan logo on both the front and back. The bottom of this pen cabinet is covered in a felt type material and also has small rubber pads on the corners of the base to protect any surface it may be placed upon. The dimensions are; width 25cm, depth 20cm (21.2cm including the handles), height 13.5cm.

Visit the Penbox pen shop to view this collectors pen box in the store or visit Pelikan Pen Cabinet on the Penbox website.

Tombow Zoom Egg Pens

May 14, 2021 Leave a comment

In 1986 Tombow launched the Zoom brand to develop pens intended to break the mould and stimulate creativity. A year later in 1987 Zoom launched a rollerball pen called the “808” which soon became referred to as the Egg Pen for obvious reasons. Although first produced as a rollerball pen a fountain pen version soon followed. Probably the widest of pens, its innovative appearance and metal gift box made it an ideal novelty gift, in addition to being a very able writing instrument. The Tombow Zoom Egg Pen at various stages was produced in white, silver, black and a grey soft touch finish. Although having now been discontinued for several years we still have a few available to purchase at Penbox.

Zoom 828 Tombow Egg pens.

Zoom Tombow Egg Pens

Zoom Egg Pen by Tombow, 828, in several finishes.

Zoom Egg Pen by Tombow

M600 Pelikan Souveran Vibrant Orange Fountain

March 10, 2021 Leave a comment

M600 Pelikan Souveran Vibrant Orange fountain pen.

M600 Pelikan Souveran Vibrant Orange

A couple of Special Edition Pelikan Souveran Vibrant Orange fountain pens have just emerged from the Penbox stockroom having been there since circa 2018, when this special edition pen was produced by Pelikan. These pens are no longer available and these two examples now feature on our website at Vibrant Orange Souverän.

M600 Pelikan Souveran Tortoiseshell Red Fountain Pen

December 6, 2020 Leave a comment

Special Edition M600 Pelikan Souveran Tortoiseshell Red fountain pen.

Special Edition M600 Pelikan Souveran Tortoiseshell Red Fountain Pen

SPECIAL EDITION Souverän® 600 Tortoiseshell Red

This series gives the classic Pelikan Souverän a bright and warm appearance. The colour variation on the barrels is reminiscent of a beautiful sunrise. The pen barrels are made out of cellulose acetate and result in shades of brown, yellow and orange. The caps of both the fountain and ballpoint pens have a solid red finish. The gold barrel bands, cap bands and pocket clips are gold plated with the fountain pen having a solid 14k nib. The fountain pen will be available from Pelikan in a choice of extra fine, fine, medium or broad nib grades. The Special Edition Pelikan Souveran Tortoiseshell Red fountain pen is a piston filler using bottled writing inks and the K600 ballpoint has a twist mechanism. These special edition Pelikan pens are expected to reach retailers in December 2020.

Waterman Serenite Nibs

October 17, 2020 2 comments

Replacement Waterman Serenite nibs.

Replacement Waterman Serenite Nibs

Moved some pen parts aside whilst rummaging and was surprised to find a few replacement Waterman Serenite nibs units in 18k, ST, stub nib grade in their original pen tubes as supplied from Waterman. Pricing on our replacement Waterman pen nibs page at Penbox. Originally the Waterman Serenite fountain pen was available in a choice of extra fine, fine, medium, broad, oblique fine, oblique medium or stub nib grades.

Parker Duofold Centennial Fountain Pens

August 20, 2020 Leave a comment

Marbled blue Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pen 1988.

Marbled Blue Parker Duofold Centennial 1988

Marbled maroon Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pen.

Maroon Parker Duofold Centennial Fountain Pen

Lapis Lazuli blue Parker Duofold fountain pen.

Lapis Lazuli Parker Duofold Fountain Pen

To mark the centennial of The Parker Pen Company (1888 – 1988) it was decided in 1987 to produce a range of Parker Duofold pens inspired by the design features of the earlier Duofold first produced in the 1920s. The result was a range of Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pens and matching ballpoint pens. The first of these new for 1988 Duofold pens was produced in a marbled blue finish and are now considered to be vintage pens by many pen collectors. An excellent example is currently for sale at Penbox along with a slightly later maroon marbled and later again lapis lazuli Duofold fountain pen.

Collectable and Vintage Pencils

June 18, 2020 Leave a comment

Vintage pencils.

Vintage Pencils

The image above shows a selection of pencil cases and pen holder as appeared in the Army & Navy stores catalogue dated 1907 (Edwardian period), although many of these items would have been produced in the earlier Victorian period.

Lead pencils are made of graphite, first discovered in the reign of Elizabeth I in Cumbria, England, where a new industry started with the mining and extraction of graphite. Later, many pencil cases and mechanical pencils were developed and manufactured in various materials including nickel plate, silver and gold. Find out more by visiting collectable and vintage pencils.

The Silver Crane Company and Parker

May 7, 2020 Leave a comment

From what we can determine The Silver Crane Company was trading from an address in Suckley, Worcestershire, from the early 1980s until circa 1993. During this period several novelty gift products were produced which were influenced by the external shape and design of the Parker Quink ink bottle and the Parker fountain pen with its iconic arrow pocket clip. Visit the Penbox website for more information and to view more examples of their ceramic desk accessories.

The Silver Crane Company ceramic Parker Quink letter rack.

Silver Crane Parker Quink Letter Rack

Silver Crane Parker pen.

The Silver Crane Company Parker Pen