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Limited Edition Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci Fountain Pen

November 13, 2021 Leave a comment
Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci Nib with the monogram A.V.
Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci Nib
Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci fountain pen in silver.
Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci Fountain Pen
Montegrappa Amergo Vespucci
Montegrappa Amergo Vespucci
Silver limited edition Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci fountain pen in the gift box.
Silver Limited Edition Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci

In the late fifties, a US Navy aircraft carrier encountered a beautiful looking sailing ship with a hull painted in alternating horizontal black and white stripes, three tall masts with massive sails. When it came alongside, the Americans asked “What ship are you?” “Ship Vespucci of the Italian Navy” came the reply. “You are the most beautiful ship in the world” responded those on the US Navy aircraft carrier. In 2001 Montegrappa produced a limited edition fountain pen paying tribute to the Vespucci, having a cap crafted of black and ivory coloured celluloid with a sterling silver overlayed barrel featuring an engraving of the ship in full sail, engraved floral decoration, and a silver figural pocket clip.

From the “Le Signore del Mare” (The Ladies of the Sea) pen collection from Montegrappa.

Visit the pen shop website for more detail, availability and pricing of this rare limited edition from Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci .

Montegrappa Mosaico

November 9, 2016 Leave a comment

Montegrappa Mosaico pens.

Montegrappa Mosaico

Mosaics have a long history of use as decoration on walls, floors, ceilings and artworks by ancient civilizations. And now, Montegrappa, the oldest Italian pen manufacturer, have been inspired by the tradition of the mosaic for decorative effect with their new range of Montegrappa Mosaico pens.

Since 1912 Montegrappa have been manufacturing prestige pens and Penbox are pleased to be an authorised Montegrappa retailer.

Limited Edition Montegrappa Pirates Fountain Pen

October 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Limited edition Montegrappa Pirates fountain pen in silver.

Montegrappa Pirates Fountain Pen

With a sense of devilry Montegrappa presents the new Limited Edition Montegrappa Pirates, the latest addition to their Cult series of pens. As can be seen above the pen is adorned with the classic symbols of Piracy at sea. Visit Penbox for more details on the Montegrappa Pirates.

Montegrappa Two Roses Fountain Pen

September 10, 2016 Leave a comment

Limited edition Montegrappa Roses fountain pen.

Montegrappa York Roses Fountain Pen

In 1994 Montegrappa produced the Montegrappa Two Roses limited edition pens in silver and gold. Twenty two years later in 2016 an as new example, complete, and as originally supplied can be found on The Pen Box website.

Montegrappa Modigliani Fountain Pen

August 25, 2016 Leave a comment

Montegrappa Modigliani fountain pen.

Montegrappa Modigliani Fountain Pen

In 2008 Montegrappa produced the Montegrappa Modigliani fountain pen in tribute to the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. The pen was available in a two finishes, one of which was blue resin and silver as pictured above, and as a fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint. Eight years have passed since the pen was first produced and the final fountain pen that we have has just made its way onto our limited edition pens web page. This pen is no longer available from Montegrappa.

Montegrappa NeroUno Pens

March 20, 2016 Leave a comment


Montegrappa NeroUno Pens

After having the Montegrappa NeroUno pens with platinum trim on display in the pen shop for several years we have now added the Montegrappa NeroUno Linea with rose gold trim. Featured in the Montegrappa show tower we now have a selection of NeroUno Linea fountain and ballpoint pens for your consideration. With the many branded pens on display these latest additions from Montegrappa have just widened the customer’s choice of pen at Penbox.

Montegrappa Guardian Angel Pen

August 9, 2014 Leave a comment

Montegrappa Guardian Angel pen.

Montegrappa Guardian Angel Pen

Guardian Angel fountain pen.

Guardian Angel fountain Pen

The latest addition to the series of limited edition pens from Montegrappa, the Montegrappa Guardian Angel represents the impalpable spirit that looks over and steers our lives.  The Guardian Angel pen recognises the positive energy and uplifting spirit that we all welcome into our lives, represented by figural angels embracing the pen’s cap and barrel.  Available in both sterling silver and 18k gold combined with celluloid and enamel, with the top of the cap having a sunburst design, with the silver fountain pen imaged above being a limited edition of 1000.  Contact Penbox for further information.

Montegrappa Pele Heritage Fountain Pen

July 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Montegrappa Pele Heritage fountain pen.

Montegrappa Pele Heritage Fountain Pen

To coincide with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Montegrappa honour the most celebrated footballer in the history of the sport ‘Pele’.  This addition to the ‘Icons’ series of pens from Montegrappa is available in two versions, the Montegrappa Pele Heritage shown above and the P10.  Both are limited editions of 1283 and 1940 silver and enamel fountain pens respectively.

The top of the cap of the Montegrappa Pele Heritage is shaped to represent a football, engraved ‘All Hail The King’ and enamelled with the colours of the Brazilian flag.  The barrel is enamelled in blue to depict the colour of Pele’s shorts and the green and yellow blind cap at the end of the barrel depicts his socks.  The 18crt nib is engraved with a silhouette of Pele’s famous bicycle kick.  Contact Penbox for further information.

Montegrappa Salvador Dali Fountain Pen

October 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Montegrappa Salvador Dali fountain pen in silver.

Montegrappa Salvador Dali Fountain Pen.

The Montegrappa Salvador Dali fountain pen is the latest addition to the Genio Creative series from Montegrappa, following the Stradivari in 2007 and the Modigliani in 2008.  Inspired by the work of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali and featuring miniature manifestations of his art work, the Montegrappa Salvador Dali pen has a figural elephant with its elongated legs running the length of the barrel.  The sold silver and blue and pearl version is limited to 1000 fountain pens and 989 rollerballs.  The pen is also available in solid gold. and are an authorised Montegrappa retailer based in the UK.

Montegrappa Brain Fountain Pen

August 15, 2013 Leave a comment

The limited edition Montegrappa Brain fountain pen.

Limited Edition Montegrappa Brain Fountain Pen.

To create the limited edition Montegrappa Brain the designers at Montegrappa drew inspiration from the brain itself.  The cap of the pen representing the brain is rich and elaborate whilst the barrel of the pen is plain, illustrating a parallel to the human body, where all the riches are in the brain.  Decorating  the top of the cap is a cross section of the brain based on ancient drawings.  The cap also features a figural overlay of neurons and the pocket clip, which is spring loaded, represents the spinal cord.  To distinguish the fountain pen from the rollerball the pocket clips are inset with red and black lacquer respectively.  Engraved on the 18crt gold nib fitted to the Montegrappa Brain fountain pen is the image of a sea horse, which is a reference to the hippocampus, a major component of the human brain.  For further information regarding pricing and availability mail .  The Montegrappa Brain above is one of an edition of 1012 available in silver.