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Tombow Zoom Egg Pens

May 14, 2021 Leave a comment

In 1986 Tombow launched the Zoom brand to develop pens intended to break the mould and stimulate creativity. A year later in 1987 Zoom launched a rollerball pen called the “808” which soon became referred to as the Egg Pen for obvious reasons. Although first produced as a rollerball pen a fountain pen version soon followed. Probably the widest of pens, its innovative appearance and metal gift box made it an ideal novelty gift, in addition to being a very able writing instrument. The Tombow Zoom Egg Pen at various stages was produced in white, silver, black and a grey soft touch finish. Although having now been discontinued for several years we still have a few available to purchase at Penbox.

Zoom 828 Tombow Egg pens.

Zoom Tombow Egg Pens

Zoom Egg Pen by Tombow, 828, in several finishes.

Zoom Egg Pen by Tombow