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Waterman Serenite Nibs

October 17, 2020 2 comments
Replacement Waterman Serenite nibs.

Replacement Waterman Serenite Nibs

Moved some pen parts aside whilst rummaging and was surprised to find a few replacement Waterman Serenite nibs units in 18k, ST, stub nib grade in their original pen tubes as supplied from Waterman. Pricing on our replacement Waterman pen nibs page at Penbox. Originally the Waterman Serenite fountain pen was available in a choice of extra fine, fine, medium, broad, oblique fine, oblique medium or stub nib grades.

Vintage Waterman L’Etalon Fountain Pen

July 6, 2019 Leave a comment
Waterman L'Etalon fountain pen.

Waterman L’Etalon Fountain Pen

This Waterman L’Etalon fountain pen in a gold-plated basket weave type finish has found its way onto the Penbox website today under Vintage Waterman Pens. It dates from the late 1990s or early 2000s and is in excellent condition. It has a large 18k gold nib in a medium nib grade. After being carefully tucked away in stock for several years it could now be a proud addition to your pen rotation and vintage pen collection.

Waterman CF Fountain Pen

June 8, 2019 Leave a comment
Waterman CF fountain pen set.

Waterman CF Fountain Pen Set

Waterman CF nib.

Waterman CF Fountain Pen Nib

In the 1950s a new fountain pen named the CF (a contraction of ink cartridge filler) was introduced by the Waterman pen company. The CF fountain pen went on to be a best seller for Waterman, and was produced in a wide variety of materials and finished before being phased out of production in the early 1980s. These pens are now sought after by pen collectors the world over and many are still used daily. Here you can view a collectable gold plated vintage Waterman CF fountain pen and accompanying ballpoint pen brought in by a member of the public and purchased by us in the shop.

Replacement Waterman Carene Nibs

October 16, 2018 Leave a comment
Replacement Waterman Carene nibs.

Replacement Waterman Carene Nibs

If you are looking for a replacement nib for your Waterman Carene fountain pen, at Penbox we have a wide selection of Waterman’s 18k Carene nib units to suit most users. Choose from EF, F, M, B, OF (oblique fine), OB (oblique broad) or stub. Above is a sample of the finishes and nib grades of this semi inlaid nib that we have available online or from our pen shop. As they are supplied as a complete front end, replacement Waterman Carene nibs just screw into the barrel of the fountain pen when changing. These 18k nibs come in a gold or silver finish depending upon the finish of the pen.

Waterman Expert Pen Nibs

August 26, 2017 Leave a comment
Replacement Waterman Expert fountain pen nibs.

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen Nibs

Penbox stock replacement nibs for several makes of fountain pen, and recently have added a few additional nib grades to the choice of replacement nibs we carry for the Waterman Expert. We now have replacement extra fine, fine, medium and broad Waterman Expert nibs available to select from on our Waterman nibs shopping page. These nibs will fit both the mark 2 and mark 3 Expert fountain pens.

Waterman Elegance Nibs

December 30, 2016 Leave a comment
Replacement Waterman Elegance nibs.

Waterman Elegance Nibs

Waterman Elegance nibs are supplied as a complete front end, as imaged above, and customers can choose from an option of extra fine, fine, medium or broad nib grades. The 18k gold two tone nibs are housed in silver or gold plated sections dependent on the finish of the fountain pen, with rhodium highlights, and decorative engraving. We also sell the fountain pens in the pen shop and online.

Waterman Pen Case

December 13, 2014 Leave a comment
Waterman pen case.

Waterman Pen Case

The supply of Waterman pen cases from Waterman has been a bit hit and miss in recent years, so we are pleased to be able to offer these Waterman pen cases for both one or two pens, whilst stocks last.  These single and double pen cases are in a taupe coloured grained leather and the double pen case has a divider to further protect the pens inside.  Please visit the website to shop for these quality pen cases.

Waterman Perspective Nib

October 1, 2012 Leave a comment
Waterman Perspective nib

Waterman Perspective Nib

Why Waterman amended the threaded section on the Waterman Perspective nib unit we don’t know.  However, we do know that the earlier version had a short threaded section and the later version has a longer (lengthened) threaded section (see the image above).  This means that having ordered a Perspective nib from Penbox we will enquire with the customer to qualify which version is required.  The nibs can be purchased here in both silver or gold plated finishes.

Waterman Charleston Pens

July 28, 2012 Leave a comment
Charleston pens

Waterman Charleston Pens

At Penbox we now have the Art Deco inspired Waterman Charleston fountain pens available fitted with 18crt gold nibs in extra-fine, fine, medium or broad.  We also stock the accompanying ballpoint pens in ebony black with gold or silver trims.

Waterman Expert Pens with Fine, Medium or Broad Nibs

July 21, 2012 Leave a comment
Waterman Expert pens with fine, medium or broad nibs.

Waterman Expert with Fine, Medium or Broad Nib

At Penbox we stock most Waterman Expert pens with fine, medium or broad nibs.  We stock most finishes of the revised 2011 range of Waterman Expert fountain pens, roller balls, ballpoint and pencils.  So for medium, fine or broad nibbed Expert pens please visit Penbox.