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S. T. Dupont Jet 8 Ballpoint Pens

August 31, 2013 Leave a comment
S T Dupont Jet 8 ballpoint pens.

S. T. Dupont Jet 8 Ballpoint Pens

The S. T. Dupont Jet 8 ballpoint pens are available in a range of both traditional and modern colours, with a colour to suit most tastes.  New from S. T. Dupont in 2013 the Jet 8 has an innovative mechanism that slides as the writing tip is expelled and retracted.  This slide mechanism allows the pen to be actuated with the thumb of the writing hand, compared to the twist mechanism now applied to many ballpoint pens which needs the use of both hands.  The Jet 8 ballpoint comes in a hard shell gift box containing the pen, booklet and guarantee.  Select yours from the funky colours above!