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S T Dupont Pen Cases

July 27, 2015 Leave a comment
S T Dupont pen cases.

S T Dupont Pen Cases

For its 140th anniversary S T Dupont has refreshed its entire leather range.  The Line D black leather S T Dupont pen cases above are made from hand selected leather hides and feature black top stitching, a palladium and lacquer logo button and a tricolour trim highlight that acknowledges Dupont’s French identity.  We now have both the single and double pen cases on sale at Penbox.  View them here.

S T Dupont Refills for the Defi Multifunction Pen.

January 26, 2014 Leave a comment
S T Dupont Defi Multifunction refills and Mini pencil mechanism.

S T Dupont Pen Refills

At Penbox we now stock the full range of S T Dupont fountain pen and ballpoint pen refills.  Following several requests we have now added the Defi multifunction refill that consists of a blue, black and red ballpoint refill along with a highlighter and stylus, that fits the S T Dupont Defi Multifunction pen.  We also now retail the replacement pencil mechanisms for the Orpheo and Olympio Mini.  Please visit us for your S T Dupont pen refills.

S. T. Dupont Jet 8 Ballpoint Pens

August 31, 2013 Leave a comment
S T Dupont Jet 8 ballpoint pens.

S. T. Dupont Jet 8 Ballpoint Pens

The S. T. Dupont Jet 8 ballpoint pens are available in a range of both traditional and modern colours, with a colour to suit most tastes.  New from S. T. Dupont in 2013 the Jet 8 has an innovative mechanism that slides as the writing tip is expelled and retracted.  This slide mechanism allows the pen to be actuated with the thumb of the writing hand, compared to the twist mechanism now applied to many ballpoint pens which needs the use of both hands.  The Jet 8 ballpoint comes in a hard shell gift box containing the pen, booklet and guarantee.  Select yours from the funky colours above!

S T Dupont Lighters

June 12, 2012 Leave a comment
Dupont Dragon lighter

S T Dupont Dragon Lighter

This lighter from S T Dupont is one of 888 pieces in Dupont’s 2012 Premium Collection which also includes a matching gold and chinese lacquer fountain pen.  We are more accustomed to supplying S T Dupont pens but on this occasion we were pleased to supply the lighter to a delighted customer.  We can of course supply all S T Dupont lighters on request.

S T Dupont 1001 Nights Fountain Pen.

January 1, 2012 Leave a comment
S T Dupont 1001 Nights fountain pen.
S T Dupont 1001 Nights Fountain Pen

We were delighted to received the latest limited edition fountain pen from S. T. Dupont.  The 1001 Nights.  After hearing of the pen we were quick to order the pen for display in the Dupont pen tower in the shop.  However, the pen was not on display for long before being purchased.  The 1001 Nights pays tribute to the dream like kingdoms in the stories of the Thousand and One Nights.  The limited edition 1001 Nights fountain pen is an edition of 1001 pieces and is also available as a rollerball.  Also available set with diamonds (28 pieces).  Contact Penbox for availability of the fountain pen, rollerball or Dupont lighter.   

S T Dupont Defi Ballpoint

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment
S T Dupont Defi ballpoint pens.

Black & Palladium S T Dupont Ballpoint

We are now stocking the new S T Dupont Defi range of pens including the black lacquer and carbon fibre and palladium fountain, rollerball, ballpoint and multifunction pens.  We are also stocking the new Defi ballpoint S T Dupont refills  for soft, clear, precise and fluid writing.