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New Parker Duofold Finishes from Parker for 2014

August 16, 2014 Leave a comment
New Parker Duofold pen finishes for 2014.

New Parker Duofold Pen Finishes for 2014

Red, Ivory and Blue Duofold Pen finishes from Parker.

Red, Ivory and Blue Duofold Fountain Pen Finishes from Parker

The Parker Duofold range of pens are now available in three new finishes.  The new finishes are big red, white and blue lazuli, all with gold trim and two tone nibs.  As can be seen above the fountain pens also have a celluloid section in the same finish as the pen cap and barrel which is a departure from previous Duofold fountain pens.  The fountain pens are available in both the Centennial and International sizes, and the new finishes are also available in ballpoint and rollerball writing modes.  The caps have two raised cap bands and the barrel a single band as per the current Duofold FPs.  The cap decal and the nib decoration also remain the same as current Parker Duofold pens.  The Big Red Parker Duofold style red finish gets our vote and works well with the GT trim.  Email for pricing.