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Parker Duofold Centennial Fountain Pens

August 20, 2020 Leave a comment
Marbled blue Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pen 1988.

Marbled Blue Parker Duofold Centennial 1988

Marbled maroon Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pen.

Maroon Parker Duofold Centennial Fountain Pen

Lapis Lazuli blue Parker Duofold fountain pen.

Lapis Lazuli Parker Duofold Fountain Pen

To mark the centennial of The Parker Pen Company (1888 – 1988) it was decided in 1987 to produce a range of Parker Duofold pens inspired by the design features of the earlier Duofold first produced in the 1920s. The result was a range of Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pens and matching ballpoint pens. The first of these new for 1988 Duofold pens was produced in a marbled blue finish and are now considered to be vintage pens by many pen collectors. An excellent example is currently for sale at Penbox along with a slightly later maroon marbled and later again lapis lazuli Duofold fountain pen.

The Silver Crane Company and Parker

May 7, 2020 Leave a comment

From what we can determine The Silver Crane Company was trading from an address in Suckley, Worcestershire, from the early 1980s until circa 1993. During this period several novelty gift products were produced which were influenced by the external shape and design of the Parker Quink ink bottle and the Parker fountain pen with its iconic arrow pocket clip. Visit the Penbox website for more information and to view more examples of their ceramic desk accessories.

The Silver Crane Company ceramic Parker Quink letter rack.

Silver Crane Parker Quink Letter Rack

Silver Crane Parker pen.

The Silver Crane Company Parker Pen

Parker Duofold Centennial Nibs

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Replacement Parker Duofold Centennial Nibs. Italic, oblique and needlepoint.

Parker Duofold Centennial Nibs

We are now stocking replacement Parker Duofold Centennial nib units in needlepoint (80), in addition to the exotic broad oblique (89), broad italic (95) and EEB (86) nib grades already available from Penbox. These exotic nib grades can be found along with other standard options on our Parker pen nib page. The nib grades of Parker Duofold Centennial nibs are impressed in a circle on the ink feed beneath the nib, with a letter being used for standard nib grades, and a number for exotic nib grades.

Parker Duofold Demi Fountain Pens

July 2, 2016 Leave a comment

Parker Duofold Demi Fountain Pens

Whilst sorting boxes in the Penbox stock room we have decided to put these pens on sale. This time we have a limited number of the Parker Duofold Demi fountain pens on offer which were first introduced in 2008 and are now discontinued. The Duofold Demi was a smaller version of the Parker Duofold which was unusual in that due to its short length it only accepted the Mini Parker ink cartridges. The 18k nib however was the same as that fitted to the standard models. At the moment we have four finishes available and they are; pearl and black veined, amber check and black with ST or GT trim.

Parker Pen Museum Opens in London

February 19, 2015 1 comment
History of Parker pens. The story so far.

History of Parker Pens. The Story So Far.

Parker pen museum.

Parker Pen Museum

Parker Museum invite.

Parker Museum Invite

On Friday the 23rd of January Penbox were delighted to attended the official opening of the all new private Parker Pen Museum at Colet Court, Hammersmith Road, London.  Officially opened by Geoffrey Parker, the great grandson of George Parker, the museum illustrates, “The Parker story so far.”  We also understand that a Parker archive will be housed at the same location and that material previously stored at Newhaven has now been archived at the new London museum.

Geoffrey Parker, who plays an important role in conserving the family’s appetite for innovation and craftsmanship, said, “The opening of the Parker Museum marks a very proud moment for me.  The moments and stories illustrated in the museum really showcase the brand’s great accomplishments and reflect Parker’s strong heritage and values.  My family have been collecting artefacts since the business launched in 1888, and so it is a real joy to share so many so them today, alongside the brand’s archives.”

The new Parker pen museum and brand archive illustrates that Parker are committed to preserving their collections and artefacts for future generations.  On display are key pens, artefacts and collections, that illustrate how the Parker brand has continued to shape the history of fine writing.  Visiting is by arrangement only.

The Big Red Parker Duofold Pens

September 16, 2014 Leave a comment
Big Red Parker Duofold pens.

Big Red Parker Duofold Pens

Parker has revived the heritage of the Big Red Parker Duofold as one of three new finishes for 2014.  They are now available to view at Penbox or on the webpage above.  Follow the link for full details.

New Parker Duofold Finishes from Parker for 2014

August 16, 2014 Leave a comment
New Parker Duofold pen finishes for 2014.

New Parker Duofold Pen Finishes for 2014

Red, Ivory and Blue Duofold Pen finishes from Parker.

Red, Ivory and Blue Duofold Fountain Pen Finishes from Parker

The Parker Duofold range of pens are now available in three new finishes.  The new finishes are big red, white and blue lazuli, all with gold trim and two tone nibs.  As can be seen above the fountain pens also have a celluloid section in the same finish as the pen cap and barrel which is a departure from previous Duofold fountain pens.  The fountain pens are available in both the Centennial and International sizes, and the new finishes are also available in ballpoint and rollerball writing modes.  The caps have two raised cap bands and the barrel a single band as per the current Duofold FPs.  The cap decal and the nib decoration also remain the same as current Parker Duofold pens.  The Big Red Parker Duofold style red finish gets our vote and works well with the GT trim.  Email for pricing.

The Parker Duofold Giant

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Parker 125th Anniversary year pen.

Parker 125th Anniversary

Parker Duofold Giant in 18crt gold with inliad diamonds.

Parker Duofold Giant in 18crt Gold with Inlaid Diamonds

Giant Parker Duofold fountain pen.

Giant Parker Duofold

Limited edition Giant Duofold.

Limited Edition Giant Duofold

18crt Gold Parker Duofold.

18crt Gold & Diaminds Parker Duofold GIANT

Limited Parker Duofold in Gold with Diamonds.

Limited Parker Duofold in Gold with Diamonds

125th Anniversary Parker Duofold Giant beside a Centennial Duofold.

125th Anniversary Parker Duofold Giant beside a Centennial Duofold

The Parker Duofold Giant is a limited edition of 125 fountain pens produced by Parker to celebrate their 125th year (1888 – 2013).  Although originally forcast for release last year, it actually became available for purchase earlier this year.  Using a combination of 18k gold inset with 16 diamonds (each .56 carat) on a black resin barrel and cap, Parker have produced a GIANT of a pen in all respects.  By imaging the pen along side a Centennial sized 125th Anniversary Parker Duofold, itself a limited edition, we hope to have illustrated just how large this pen is.  Whilst we have recently supplied the pen to one very fortunate customer, we also retail all Parker pens for those of us who cannot afford the £25,950 UK recommended retail price.

Limited Edition Silver 125th Parker Duofold Senior

January 14, 2014 1 comment
Limited edition 125th silver Parker Duofold fountain pen.

Limited Edition 125th Silver Parker Duofold Senior Fountain Pen

In tribute to Parker’s 125th year as a leading pen manufacturer, Parker are producing a limited edition of 1188 Parker Duofold fountain pens in black resin with silver overlay, and we have been informed to expect to our first delivery of this fountain pen in the first quarter of 2014.  View the key features of the Parker Duofold Senior 125th Anniversary fountain pen below and please contact Penbox for availability and pricing.

  • Limited edition of 1188 fountain pens.
  • Black resin barrel and cap with silver plated overlay.
  • 18k nib with rhodium finish and historic arrow decoration.
  • Boxed with certificate.
  • Individually numbered 0001/1888.
  • 125th Anniversary decal on the cap finial.
  • UK RRP £1729.

Marbled Green Parker Duofold Pencil, c. 1990.

October 16, 2013 Leave a comment
Parker Duofold pencil in marbled green with .9mm leads.

Duofold Pencil in Marbled Green.

The marbled green Parker Duofold range of pens was introduced in circa 1990 and included a fountain pen, ballpoint and .9mm mechanical pencil.  The Duofold pencil imaged above is now available to purchase on our vintage Parker pen page.  View the Duofold pencil and item details on the Penbox pen and pencil website.