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Limited Edition Montegrappa Bruce Lee Pen

Limited edition Montegrappa Bruce fountain pen
Montegrappa Bruce Lee Fountain Pen 

The new Limited Edition Montegrappa Bruce Lee Fountain Pen honours both the 70th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s birth, while also marking 15 years since the 1995 release of Montegrappa’s Dragon pen.  One of Montegrappa’s most acclaimed limited editon pens, the Dragon pen is now highly sought after.  The new edition, readily distinguishable from its predecessor, makes the Dragon available to a new generation of pen enthusiasts.  Resembling the original, the new pen has been distinguished from the 1995 release by a change in design of the pocket clip, a new colour, the detail of the Dragon’s tail, the fountain pen nib and the top of the cap.  The Dragon Bruce Lee limited edition pen features a body and cap made of red celluloid with black veining and decorating the top of the cap is the yin-yang symbol, representing balance.  The cap and the barrel are both embraced by dragons, their eyes highlighted by rubies on the sterling silver versions and by precious stones on the fully encrusted versions.  The nib itself features the profile of Bruce Lee in his famous move, foot and fist extended, suspended in air.  The pen pictured here at Penbox is one of 888 silver fountain pens.  Also available are a limited editon of 88 gold fountain pens.  Email sales@penbox.co.uk at Penbox for pricing on these Montegrappa limited edition pens.

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