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Instructions for the Visconti Travelling Inkwell

July 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Visconti travelling inkwell.
Visconti Travelling Inkwell.

We have been asked on several occasions for instructions for using the Visconti travelling inkwell.  Here are the instructions for use with the Visconti power filler filling fountain pens.  It is suggested that you practice filling your pen from the portable inkwell using water before using ink.

  1. Remove the stopper.
  2. Fill the portable inkwell using the eyedropper, taking care not to stain the seal.
  3. The correct level is 1cm below the seal.  See the line on the body of the travelling ink well.
  4. Press your pen firmly into the inkwell, so that the section secures against the seal.
  5. Unscrew the blind cap off the fountain pen.
  6. Remove (pull) the piston from the fountain pen.
  7. Upturn the inkwell and the fountain pen.
  8. Press the piston once firmly all the way back in, and count to five.
  9. Turn the inkwell upright again and screw the blind cap back onto the fountain pen.
  10. Remove the pen from the travelling inkwell, whilst taking care not to touch the seal with the nib, so as not to stain the seal.
  11. Replace the stopper into the inkwell.
  12. Dry the nib of excess ink.
  13. There is a piece of felt inside the stopper if needed to dry off the nib.

Hope these instructions for the Visconti Travelling Inkwell are of help.