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Yard O Led Viceroy Pens

December 24, 2015 Leave a comment
Yard o Led Viceroy Standard fountain pen, ballpoint and pencil.

Yard o Led Viceroy Standard Fountain Pen

The classic Yard O Led Viceroy Standard fountain pen is a popular sized fountain pen available in two traditional finishes, the subtle barley finish, and the heavily engraved Victorian finish which is hammered by hand to produce the high relief. The barley finish, which is produced on a hand operated milling machine, is also available as a ballpoint pen and pencil. With the Yard O Led Viceroy YOL have created a family of sterling silver writing instruments in a traditional vintage style. More in the pen shop displayed on pen rests…

Yard O Led Diamond Jubilee Ballpoint and Pencil.

May 22, 2012 Leave a comment
Diamond Jubilee Yard O Led ballpoint pen and pencil.

Diamond Jubilee Yard O Led Pens

Leather card holder.

Yard-O-Led Leather Card Holder or Wallet

The Yard O Led Diamond Jubilee ballpoint pen or pencil is now available from Penbox and we are offering a FREE Yard-O-Led card holder or wallet with all Jubilee pens.  For a competative price and to claim your FREE card holder or wallet telephone the shop on 01427 874433 or email the pen sales desk.

The Yard O Led Diamond Jubilee is a limited edition ballpoint or pencil for 2012.  Its silver barrel has seven bold Asay Office hallmarks including the 2012 Jubilee hallmark, which is stamped on both the finial and on the silver barrel.  The Yard O Led Jubilee pens will only be made during 2012 and each pen is individually numbered.