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Waterman Fibre Tip Refills.

February 24, 2011 2 comments
Blue or black Waterman fibre tip refills.

Waterman Fibre Tip Refills

Waterman fibre tip refills are now listed on the Penbox Waterman pen refills pages.  They are only available in blue or black and in extra fine.  Visit Waterman Pen Refills to view and order your Waterman refills.

Parker Pencil Erasers, E16, Duofold, EV5, ELT5, EMF4, EA5.

February 22, 2011 2 comments
Parker pencil erasers and rubbers, E16, Duofold, EV5, ELT5, EMF4, EA5.
Parker Pencil Erasers

Parker pencil erasers and rubbers including the E16, Duofold, EV5, ELT5, EMF4 and EA5.  Details of these various Parker erasers and the Parker pencils that they fit can be found on the Penbox website.  View all Parker rubbers and erasers here.

Waterman CF Converter

February 16, 2011 6 comments
Waterman CF converter for Waterman CF fountain pens.
Waterman CF Converter

We have now got the Waterman CF converter for the older Waterman CF fountain pen in stock.  These Waterman converters are hard to find.  Find them now on the Penbox website or in the Penbox Pen Shop.  

Parker Pen Converters

February 9, 2011 Leave a comment
Gold trim Parker pen converters.

Gold Trim Parker Pen Converters

Gold trim Parker pen converters are fitted to many Parker pens.  At Penbox we are now featuring them along side other variants on our Parker Pen Refills page.  You can also find pen converters for most fountain pens on the Penbox pen shop website.

Diamine Inks

June 5, 2010 Leave a comment
Seventy colours of Diamine ink, registrar's ink and ink cartridges.

Seventy colours of Diamine ink, registrar's ink and ink cartridges.

All seventy colours of bottled Diamine inks and ink cartridges are now available from Penbox.  Having previously stocked about twenty Diamine colours and shades all colours are now available from stock.  Diamine ink cartridges are available in over twenty colours.  View all their inks here.

Parker D1 Refills, Ballpoint, Stylus, Highlighter.

May 30, 2010 Leave a comment
Parker D1 Refills, Ballpoint, Stylus, Highlighter.

In response to a customer commenting on the difficulty they had in obtaining Parker D1 refills we thought that we would provide this link to where they can be found on the Penbox website.  The D1 ballpoint, stylus and highlighter pen refills can be found here.

Montparnasse, Classique, Gatsby, Lady Dupont Ink Cartridges

May 19, 2010 Leave a comment
S T Dupont Cartridges for Older Dupont Pens

Several customers have expressed difficulty in obtaining ink cartridges for older S T Dupont pens.  So we have now listed Dupont cartridges suitable for these older/discontinued pens on the Penbox website.   They tend to be the Montparnasse, Classique, Gatsby and Lady S T Dupont ink cartridges and can be viewed here.