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Visconti Van Gogh Pens

Visconti Van Gogh pens.

Visconti Van Gogh Pens

The Visconti Van Gogh pen collection, which consist of a series of unique and colourful finishes inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s post impressionist paintings, are amongst the Visconti pens now on show at Penbox from this famous Italian pen manufacturer.

Below is a  list of the Visconti Van Gogh pen finishes, some that have been released and others yet to be made available, although most are available in a twelve piece boxed special edition set (priced separately on request).

  • Starry Night (released).
  • Self Portrait (released).
  • Sunflowers (released).
  • Irises (released).
  • Room in Arles (released).
  • Pollard Williows (released).
  • Vincent Van Gogh Shoes.
  • Self Portrait with Hat.
  • Café Terrace.
  • Self Portrait with Bandages.
  • Pine Trees.
  • Doctor Gachet.
  • Orchard in Blossom.
  • Vincent’s Chair.
  • Gauguin’s Armchair.

For over 25 years Visconti has been synonymous with prestige writing instruments and now produce a wide selection of fountain pens.

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